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Harlem Blue Premium Beer is on a mission to change the way people see craft beer.  We

produce premium crafted brews that reflect and match the unique nonstop work life

balance of New York City from a Harlem POV. Harlem Blue looks to celebrate

the journey as we all  seek to belong and to become. Our foundation stones are simple:

always brew with excellence, celebrate the moments that matter, be authentic,

and tell our stories through our community.

Best Harlem Beer on a rooftop beer
jockeybox beer pitcher

It's more than the way you walk. Or how you shake hands. Being true to the City is

an unspoken pledge to enjoy, respect, defend, participate in,

call bull**** when necessary, and continually make better. 

Finding our best selves.

Harlem Blue celebrates today's grinders, hustlers and dreamers, who

make us better everyday with the relentless energy,

ambition, and crispy style of Harlem.

From a quick trip to the corner store, to rushing to the subway for work,

or a Sunday brunch.  The walk is different. The style is effortless. The hustle is innate.

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