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Is Harlem Blue independently owned?

Yes.  We are a family owned business, led by the founder/ceo, Julian Riley, Jr.


Is there a taproom and brewery I can visit?

Not yet.  We have a Harlem location and buildout plans in place.  Please stay tuned for updates.


Is your business based in Harlem?

Yes.  Our corporate headquarters is and always will be in Harlem NYC.


Where can I buy some Harlem Blue swag?  Merchandise and/or wearables?

Look here.


Do you have any new styles coming out?

Yes.  We are always working on new styles that meet our brand objectives and flavor profiles.  We also listen to our community . . . a lot (hint hint).  Let us know what you’re thinking.  DM us on social or drop an email to


Do you sell your beers outside of NYC?  What are your plans for expanding distribution?

Two-part answer. You can order our brews for home delivery in FORTY-EIGHT (48) states right now. And counting. ORDER  

Secondly, we are not distributed in any other market (bars, restaurants, grocery stores) right now, but . . . we plan to be.  There are multiple conversations going on to efficiently expand our reach while maintaining our reputation for quality of beer and community engagement.


Can you ship me some beer outside New York?

Yes. 48 states and counting. CLICK


Where do you produce your beer?

We contract brew our beers with local world-class brewing facilities.  Our recipes.  Our quality control. It’s the best of both worlds and insures that we can deliver on our business purpose and first principles.


When was Harlem Blue first launched?

In February 2014, Harlem Blue was first test launched, selling in two accounts in Harlem (Harlem Tavern and Corner Social).  Back then it was just the one style, 1658 wheat ale, and sold solely on draft.  In April 2016, we launched with two styles and a local distributor.

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