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Founder & CEO

Julian Riley moved to New York City and followed his well planned,

and well studied vocation, to a prestigious law firm

and success as a contracts lawyer. Over time, as he grew into his Yankees' cap,

enjoyed evening basketball battles, and moved to Harlem, he recognized

something was missing.

But he wasn't quite certain what.

Along the way came the perfect woman who helped build the perfect family. Combine

that with true friends, a good gig, and more hoops games, everything seemed there. Almost.

Harlem does that to you.

Inspires the hustler to come out. In some. In him. The result was a leap of faith

with a backpack of determination. Be an entrepreneur. Build

something in the community. By the community.​

Harlem Blue City Craft Beer is his story.

A very Harlem story.

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