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Keep it Simple, Keep it Quality
The inspiration for our brews always start with
our community, drinkability and flavor. Our city craft beers are purposefully brewed with the diversity and complexity
that reflects our neighborhood and
the people that call it home. 

We love to hear from our customers;
especially how Harlem Blue was part of how you celebrate.
Whether it's after finishing an odd job around the house,
reaching a personal fitness milestone,
or starting a new job, let us know.

It's why we're here.

harlem blue beer 1658 wheat

1658 Ale

5.1% ABV       24 IBUs   

For our inaugural beer style, we selected the name 1658 Ale. 1658 is the year Dutch settlers are credited with founding the

Village of Haarlem,

and we wanted this beer to reflect

a back-to-basics simpler time.

Reflecting a time before hops took over

the beer world,

it is a smooth and full-bodied American Pale Wheat ale, perfectly balanced for taste

and drinking in bunches.


We call it our Everyday Ale.

Not what you think of a "wheat beer." Gotta try it. It all comes down to the yeast, and ours is really tasty.

harlem blue 6-pack celebrate

Hectic IPA

6.2% ABV       63 IBUs   

An old school IPA that pours a rich

amber hue. It has a look-you-in-the-eye

malt flavor, balanced perfectly with

confident American hops, and the end

result is a  full-mouth of

taste with smooth finish.

The name, Hectic, is a nod to author

and columnist, Roi Ottley and his column,

Hectic Harlem, which he wrote for the

historic Harlem-based newspaper,

The Amsterdam News.

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