This current COVID-19 crisis has us all thinking "how will we create the new normal.' As the hustlers and dreamers of our city, we create our next chapter. Tell us your Zip Code and subscribe to stay connected. We'll be in touch soon.

- Julian Riley, CEO -


It's more than the way you walk. Or how you shake hands.

Being true to the City is an unspoken pledge to enjoy,

respect, defend, participate in, call bull**** when necessary,

and continually make better. 

Finding our best selves.

Harlem Blue celebrates today's hustlers and dreamers who make us better everyday

with the relentless energy, ambition, and style of Harlem.

From a quick trip to the corner store, to rushing to subway for work,

or a Sunday morning church attendance.

The walk is different. The style is effortless.

The hustle is innate.

Every city has a neighborhood that sets the pace.

Harlem. It's what we do.

With pride, boldness and flavor.